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Ceiling Fans

May 30, 2008

Today I started thinking about ceiling fans (as well as paint color, refinishing wood floors, light fixtures, 2″ white wood blinds, electrical plate covers, etc.) But we’ll stick to the living room ceiling fan for now.

Let’s focus.


I’m visualizing something like this in there.
I think something like this would be a really neat modern contrast (with retro roots, of course) to the 1930’s style of the house. I cannot find a price for this fan anywhere. Which makes me think it’s probably way too expensive.

So then I found this fan at Lowes.
Same concept with a much more affordable price tag (I’m assuming).

I had to do it…

Vignelli’s Stendig Calendar

May 29, 2008

This calendar will surely make it’s way into our office in January of 2009. Maybe even Christmas of 2008 (wink, wink).


massimo vignelli has designed a lot of things but few of his designs are as pervasive or recognizable as his stendig calendar. the stendig calendar was designed in 1966 and is a classic. it graces the walls of architects and designers the world over, over forty years after it was designed, and these people know what looks good.

I think it would be fun to put it somewhere a little more unexpected, like the kitchen. It would accompany our chalkboard wall nicely – but there is simply no wall space for it. 4 feet x 3 feet is hard to come by in a house full of windows.


May 27, 2008

Okay, we’re through negotiating, came to a fair agreement, and everything is still on!

Now we just have to make it through the appraisal process and are still set to close in 11 days.

We also hung out in our future kitchen at Lowes for a few minutes to get excited about the everything again. I think we needed that, especially after feeling like everything might fall through during the negotiating process.

Iron Man

May 25, 2008

So, Iron Man was pretty good. We saw it with a few cronies. *Possible spoiler alert – some people may have a problem with that, I however DO NOT* I really enjoyed the character of Tony Stark. Maybe it’s the engineer in me and the obviously ridiculous combination of that and “rock star”. Jeff Bridges is so difficult to separate from his Dude character, and he seemed too (strangely) sweet as a top executive of a weapons manufacturer, but after his complete 180 I was pleasantly surprised.

Oh! I liked it too!

Oh, hi, everyone!

May 24, 2008

We’re pretty exciting… It’s no secret.

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