Bathroom Tile

June 23, 2008

The bathroom tile has been ordered!
Black & White unglazed porcelain tile in a spiral pattern.

We had our bathroom pipes replaced with PVC on Sunday. Today our friend is coming in to put in our subfloor. The tiles should hopefully be coming in on Wednesday, which we will be installing ourselves. Then we’ll just have to texture, paint and replace the baseboards. Our plumber will come back in over the weekend to install the sink and toilet. Then we’re DONE!

A frequently asked question (for the bathroom and kitchen backsplash which is 1″ x 1″ tile):
Do the tiles come individually? How do you install that!?

The answer is NO. They do not come individually. The tiles, fortunately, come in sq. ft. section backed with mesh. This means we can tile 1 sq. ft. at a time.

I’ll have another update this evening about our weekend progress!

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