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Remodel – Day 13 (The Money Pit)

June 19, 2008

So yesterday we went over to the house only to discover that the wood paneling was going to put up a fight. The grooves were showing through the joint compound I used to texture over it.

So I am trying a couple things. First, I retextured over a couple of the lines again. Today I will see if that shows through. Then I filled in all the grooves on the remaining walls with the joint compound but didn’t texture the entire wall. I’m going to let that dry and then texture over the entire surface.

We also met with a plumber and his manager. He looked at the pipes and said that they do in fact need to be replaced. He’s going to also run them under the subfloor in the crawlspace. He also needs to replace or add or fix some sort of vent situation – Jeremy thinks a vent to these drain lines makes it so there isn’t a vacuum that sucks the water out of the “U-traps” – U-traps are there to keep toxic poo gasses out of the house. We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t just patch it up and move on – but at least we’re doing everything right. Our house is becoming a money-pit in the process.

Eames Stamps

June 18, 2008

I had to have them. So I backordered them about a week ago and got them in the mail this morning. I ordered two sets – one for me and one for Liz, who sends me fun treats every holiday via snail mail.

I’m most likely just going to frame them and keep them as a piece of art.

Remodel – Day 12

June 17, 2008

Today I started texturing over the wood paneling in the living room.
I got the entire East wall finished.
Jeremy started taping off the windows to prep the room for painting.

Here’s an up-close shot of the textured wall vs. the wood paneling.
The photo doesn’t really do it justice. It really does look so much better. I’m the kind of gal that can appreciate wood paneling in all it’s glory but in this room it just looked bad. It was more of wood veneer most likely put in to cover up something horrifying. Like huge cracks in the wall. Or dead bodies.

We’ll paint the walls and ceiling all the same color to keep everything cohesive and open-feeling. There is some 1″ half-round molding at the top of the wood paneling and some trim in the corners. I’m not sure if we should paint those the same color as the rest of the room so it blends in or paint it white to match the window trim. Any thoughts?

And finally. Here is the bathroom concrete-less.

Here are the pipes. Also our most recent quagmire.
When Jeremy uncovered the pipes he discovered a crack.

That crack is in the pipe that carries waste to the bog of eternal stench. If we don’t fix this sewage will fill the crawl space under the house that we happen to have no access to.

We may be able to patch this pipe. Or we may have to replace it. The pipes being lead isn’t a huge deal considering they’re not potable pipes – they only act as drain pipes. We’re having a plumber come out tomorrow evening to take a look. We’re hoping he can just patch it and be done with it. Then we’ll have our contractor friend come in and install our subfloor. We’ll tile, install baseboards, texture, paint, install the toilet and sink and be done with it.

In case you were wondering about said toilet and sink:
How sad. We literally have no pot to piss in.

Oh! And I met with the floor guy today. He was so nice. He told me that we won’t have to completely replace the “dog stained” areas of the floor. That they will lighten with sanding and unless we have a huge problem with a slight stain then it’s not a big deal. He will replace the planks that are damaged are due to termites. He said that when he sands the floors down he could uncover more damage. Apparently when there is carpet on top of wood floors the termites will eat all the way up to the surface. When there isn’t carpet they’ll only eat the very bottom layer of wood and move on. Just another reason why carpet on top of wood floors is evil. We’re going to go ahead and have him patch up the closet as well. All of that will cost as much as it would have cost to have the “wee-wee stains” guy refinish the floors alone. He’ll get started on Monday.

Remodel – Day 11

June 16, 2008

I finished the wall texturing in bedroom one (aka the master bedroom)!

Jeremy worked on taping off the living room to prep it for painting. My next goal will be to texture over the wood paneling in the living room by this weekend. Hopefully we can primer and paint and be done with the living room.

Jon, our contractor friend, came out to check out the bathroom progress. He said we definitely need to fix the crack in the pipe (which happens to be l-e-a-d) and that it will either need to be patched or completely replaced.

Our floor guy wasn’t able to make it out due to some car problems. He said he would make it out in the morning and that he wasn’t trying to give us the runaround. I appreciated that but I’m still really anxious to get these floors finished.

I don’t have any photos of our progress so I’ll leave you with this:
The Hepper Bed.
I think Scooty deserves this for all his time spent sleeping in the sink.

Bedroom Inspiration

June 15, 2008

It’s easy to put the interior design of the house on the backburner when we’re so focused on just making the place functional.

So I thought I’d look for some bedroom inspiration.
DwellStudio Draper Stripe Collection
Saffron Quilted Coverlet – Full / Queen

I have always loved DwellStudio bedding. It has always been just a little too expensive. I’ve always been one to buy the least expensive sheets I could find that usually had a low thread count to match. That is up until this year. After I moved out of my old house I was needing to buy new sheets. I was at target late one night, on the phone with my brother, with a couple of glasses of wine in my system and he convinced me to splurge on bedding. He explained to me that a lot of time is spent in bed – so you might as well make it nice. By the way, he sleeps on a mattress he found in the street, sheets that were in my parents linen closet for decades and a thread-bare quilt. I think he was probably trying to live vicariously through me when he told me to buy the goose down comforter.

So back to the DwellStudio bedding. I found a few grey and yellow color schemes that I love. I also like the dark grey wall color in the photo above. I’m thinking about doing something about like that in our master bedroom as well. I love the coziness yellow quilt paired with the grey and white striped sheets.

DwellStudio – Ash Draper Stripe Duvet Collection

DwellStudio – Thicket Saffron Duvet Collection
I like the overall print on this set but I’m not a fan of butterflies. Even if I was I would probably feel a little funny about making Jeremy sleep under them.

Maybe we’ll treat ourselves to some of this fantastic bedding for Christmas. Or maybe we can piece together the look for a lot less with the help of Target, Wal-Mart and the mall.

Oh! I also came across some DwellStudio bean bag chairs:
Jeremy needs one of these to go with the new Xbox 360.

As far as the remodel goes… We took Saturday off to enjoy time with the family. We saw The Happening – it was terrible. Then we enjoyed some karaoke with some friends.

Sunday I managed to texture one more wall in bedroom one and Jeremy got the rest of the concrete out of the bathroom. That is a huge accomplishment! We did notice that the toilet drain (the one that carries the poop and pee to the bog of eternal stench) has a crack in it. We’ll have our friend take a look at this tomorrow and see what he thinks. Hopefully we can just patch it up with some plumber putty and some sort of heavy duty tape – if not we’ll need to get a plumber out to replace it. We also need to see if there is still a leak occuring that originally caused all that wood to rot out.

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