Remodel – A long weekend

June 23, 2008

This weekend was about taping. And taping and taping and taping some more.

Our family taped (thank you)!

Jeremy taped.

Liz taped (in style).

We got the living room and dining room completely taped off. Today we managed to primer the living room and dining room trim.

Here’s the chandelier in the dining room after all the crystals were removed.

Here it is after today – all primed white.
Look how creepy our house looks. It’s so dark and dank with everything painted and all lights removed. Also, now that we’re painting over the taped up windows it’s getting even darker. We’re painting our trim (Bright White) tomorrow.

We also had our plumbing fixed this weekend. When the plumber manager walked into our house she said it looked like a scene out of “Ghost” – I knew I liked that lady!

Check out our new pipes! PVC! No more lead poisoning our poo.
A&B Plumbing did this for us and we were really happy with the service. They came in on Sunday, were honest and got it done.

And today we had our subfloor put in by our friend, Jon.
And I was just getting used to seeing the guts of our house all exposed.

We need to buy some “hardy board”, which is basically a 1/4″ of concrete sheet that we’ll put on top of the plywood subfloor. We’re aiming to get this installed tomorrow along with painting the trim and chandelier in the living and dining room.

And our floors were sanded down today.
They’ll be finished by Thursday or Friday.

Then we move in.


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