Remodel – Day 13 (The Money Pit)

June 19, 2008

So yesterday we went over to the house only to discover that the wood paneling was going to put up a fight. The grooves were showing through the joint compound I used to texture over it.

So I am trying a couple things. First, I retextured over a couple of the lines again. Today I will see if that shows through. Then I filled in all the grooves on the remaining walls with the joint compound but didn’t texture the entire wall. I’m going to let that dry and then texture over the entire surface.

We also met with a plumber and his manager. He looked at the pipes and said that they do in fact need to be replaced. He’s going to also run them under the subfloor in the crawlspace. He also needs to replace or add or fix some sort of vent situation – Jeremy thinks a vent to these drain lines makes it so there isn’t a vacuum that sucks the water out of the “U-traps” – U-traps are there to keep toxic poo gasses out of the house. We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t just patch it up and move on – but at least we’re doing everything right. Our house is becoming a money-pit in the process.

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