Remodel – Day 20 (Progress!)

June 26, 2008

This whole week has been so stressful. We’ve both been absolutely exhausted and completely drained. But this made it all worth it:
Today is the day we put tile down in the bathroom!

I could just stare at it. For hours.

Yesterday Jeremy and I laid the “HardieBoard” down over the subfloor. We even did it the correct way by putting a layer of thinset mortar underneath.

Our good friend, Mario, came over tonight and helped us lay some tile.
Meet Mario. He was actually one of my interns a couple years ago at work. Also a graphic designer I put my trust in him with the visual accuracy it takes to lay tile.

Also! Today our wood floors were finished being refinished.
They look fantastic. It makes me wish I had done the entire house. Or maybe the entire hallway seeing as how we’ve trashed the floors in front of the bathroom with all the work that’s been done. Oh well.

Jeremy finished painting the trim in the living room and dining room. We also finished painting the chandelier. I think I got the paint on there a little thick but that’s okay. I’m going more for an overall impression rather than focusing on the details. *Note: I might need to get white wire for hanging the crystals back on.

Now we’re just finishing prepping the rooms for the wall color.
I absolutely cannot wait for these rooms to be finished.

Expect a lot more progress in the next few days. I will try and keep you updated!

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