Remodel – Day 21.

June 28, 2008

Today is the day we got some color on the walls.

The dining and living rooms are DONE.
We just have to tear down the tape and paper and do some minor touch ups.

I’m still obsessed with the white chandelier.

My mom came up and helped us with tape and a few other random things. She also treated us with new vent covers!
I love them. They’re one of those little details that really polish off the look of the place. It’s kind of putting the cart before the horse when we’ve still got some baseboard finishing work to do but I couldn’t resist putting these in.

And speaking of vents…
We still have the original vents throughout the house. I love them. I remember when we first peeked through the windows of this house thinking they were clunky and scary – but with a fresh coat of paint I think they’re charming.

We also tried to strip the bathroom window. I think the wood is being held together by the paint so I just sanded down the edges we chipped off and Jeremy soaked it in primer.

A special shout out goes to our Oklahoma brewed beverage of choice during this remodel:
Prohibition never tasted so good.

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