Bastard Road

July 22, 2008

This is an off-topic post that is not at all about the house remodel but I thought it was blog worthy.

A little fact you may or may not know is that I used to play roller derby.
KatAtomic 3000

I recently retired due to a few nagging injuries that weren’t letting up. Also, the team I was on was going national demanding a lot of time that I just didn’t have with work and family taking priority.

Well – about a year ago my friend and coworker Brian developed a comic starring KatAtomic! Here’s an excerpt:
Picture 2.png

I like this part where I snap a guy’s neck with my thighs!
Picture 1.png

Popgun volume 2, featuring Brian’s creation with artist Dave Curd, BASTARD ROAD, is out in stores and Amazon this week:You can buy it here.
And here’s the link to the book’s site where you can read the entire story:

WARNING: BASTARD ROAD features tartly-written sexual innuendo and fairly disturbing graphic cartoon violence. It was created with the Cartoon Network [adult swim] demographic (males 18-24) in mind, so it’s not for everybody. Feel free to be offended or to not read it at all if it’s not your thing.

As far as the house goes – the kitchen is amazing! We just need to hang the cabinet doors back on before I’m willing to share! I promise – we’ll have it done in the next few days.

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