Kitchen things.

July 25, 2008

In our kitchen all of our upper cabinets will be clear glass. I think with the help of some cute (or classic) dishes and Jeremy’s OCD tendencies we’ll keep it looking pretty nice.

So here are some cute dishes.
Picture 3.png
morocco dinnerware, CB2
I love the pattern and the orange.

It reminds me of this rug from Pottery Barn.
That would look nice under the dining room table, perhaps.

Which reminds me of this cute runner.
Picture 5.png
aman placemat, CB2
Of course, I would want to avoid being too matchy-matchy.

Picture 4.png
ibiza wine glasses, CB2
These wine glasses are interesting – but I’m not sure if they go with the more “grown-up” theme I’m trying to achieve.

Picture 6.png
hue dinnerware, CB2
This dinnerware is certainly “grown-up” and a little more understated. Or maybe just a little more boring. It would look nice with the porcelain blend tile we’ve decided to go with for the backsplash.

Ever since I laid eyes on these plates a few months ago I’ve been obsessed.
Paper Plates by Virginia Sin
These are porcelain plates cast from actual shredded paper plates. Wow.

The last kitchen item I would like to discuss is the following
Stainless Steel Oval Pot Rack, BB&B
We would love to have a hanging pot rack in our place to show off Jeremy’s fancy Calphalon cookware but we just can’t figure out where to fit something like that in. We almost left space to the left of our range empty to acommodate one but thought cabinets might be better for resale value in such a (relatively) small kitchen.

Of course, this is all window shopping until we can actually pay off the kitchen itself. But a girl (and guy) can dream.

I promise that by Monday we will have a sneak peak of the kitchen progress.

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