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July 21, 2008

I don’t have much to update on – YET. We have made TONS of progress in the kitchen by getting everything that needs to be painted white done. This include the cabinets, cabinet doors and drawers, windows, and ceiling.

So in the meantime I found Wordle via Making It Lovely.

This is what I got when I put in our blog URL.


July 17, 2008

Here’s the auction chair in it’s place next to the Frankoma fireplace. Ignore the shelves in the background – they haven’t been given much consideration yet.

Mister Scooty Boots (right) and Dinah Saur (left) love the auction chair.

Jeremy and I carpooled to work yesterday. When we got home we discovered a Target delivery on the side of the house. As we were standing over a very heavy box discussing big trash day* we hear a “meeeoooww”. We were both a little confused because it sort of sounded like Dinah… but not. For good measure we called out both of their names. A couple of seconds later we hear another scared “meeeoooww”.

We head inside to find Dinah sitting on the auction chair. Check.

A few minutes later Jeremy comes walking through the front door holding Scooty saying “look who I found.” Apparently Scooty had been hiding under Jeremy’s car. With a little coaxing he got him out.

Together again.

So how did Scooty get out? We think he got a little too brave and snuck out the door while Bob the Builder was working on our cabinets. We’re glad he made a safe return with no scratches or bruises. And fortunately, he’s been fixed so he wasn’t out there making babies.

Note the drawers on the bottom, door frame on the uppers (they need glass inserts), and solid doors at the very top. Only a few more doors and they’ll be done! Then painting will ensue.

Oh la la.

*About big trash day. Here in Oklahoma City on the Wednesday after the second Monday of the month you can take anything non-hazardous out to your curbside and the garbage men pick it up. How convenient.

Also, that big box from Target contained this:
We really needed a new media console. We tried to find something local and vintage but it just wasn’t happening. We got this piece for a steal and were pleasantly surprised to find that it is solid wood. What wasn’t pleasant was discovering huge cracks in the wood on some of the major exterior pieces. Hopefully, Target will send us replacement pieces.

In general, we’ve just continued to unpack and clean as we go. We still have a somewhat daunting to-do list that is slowly getting checked off day-by-day.

Cowhide Rug

July 15, 2008

This morning, while I was eating my cereal and Jeremy was brushing his teeth, I had the fabulous idea that a cowhide rug would be PERFECT in our bedroom.

I haven’t eaten beef in over 13 years. I’m a terrible vegetarian.

I also have a crush on these rugs from IKEA.
Stockholm Rand


For a much more tasteful selection in rugs check out Pencil Shavings.

In other news Jeremy and I have decided on the porcelain blend for the kitchen. Thanks to everyone for your input! It was a tough decision but we decided the porcelain blend is a little more safe but will still have a lot of overall impact.

We also had our countertop measured yesterday. It should be installed in about 4 weeks. Jeremy set our kitchen up enough so that we were able to bake brownies in our oven! We’re still doing dishes in the bathtub but we can now cook. Brownies. All is well in the world.

A first auction.

July 13, 2008

This weekend we went to our first auction ever.

We (I?) went in wanting this
Eames style lounger

and this.
Auqa and green swivel chair

When ash trays started going for $100 I thought there was no way I would get either.

Things were going slow, so Jeremy decided to get up to grab some food and drinks. And right at that moment the blue/green swivel chair is brought up to the stage. My adrenaline spiked and I texted Jeremy to come back. He didn’t get the text and the bidding started on the chair. I’m hearing “50, 50, 75, 75, 100, 75, 100, last chance 75” so I raise my number and win the chair for what I thought was $175. I’ve got no poker face whatsoever and the barker says “she is SO happy to get that chair!” $175 is a little more than I wanted to pay but I really wanted that chair and was all caught up in the moment.

The Eames style lounger was auctioned off for more than we could afford, but I was okay with the loss.

So we go to check out and the manager rings me up for $75! What a pleasant surprise. I guess in all my nervousness I misunderstood the “75, 100, 75 75, 100” for $175. We’ll be getting the chair today or tomorrow. I’ll make sure to post another photo that shows it off a little better.

A Chair Find

July 10, 2008

Jeremy spotted these chairs on Craigslist yesterday just minutes after they were posted. They were listed at $40 for the pair. I was the first person to call on them and told the buyer that I definitely wanted them.

The seller warned me that they’re a little worse for wear and shouldn’t go to a home with children and unless I’m a “little flower” and all my friends are “little flowers” they probably shouldn’t even be sat in. I told her that was fine. That I’d probably stare at them more than I would actually sit in them.

By the time Jeremy went to pick the chairs up the woman had had 18 calls on them. A man even called her while Jeremy was buying them and told her to pass along his number to Jeremy in case he wanted to resell them but “probably knew what he had” and would hang on to them for dear life.

The problem is… we don’t really know what we have. There is no designer stamp or tag.

I sent a photo to our friend that sold us the H-W dining set and he said:
“They look to be Plycraft designed by George Mulhauser. Very nice find.
Valued at around $400-600.”

Though, I’m not entirely sure that they are after looking through some photos online. Either way, I love them, beat up and all – designer or not.

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