The Kitchen in Progress

July 26, 2008

We’re making progress!




The cabinetry is done. We painted it all white with a sprayer, we got all the walls painted (Victorian Lace – Sherwin Williams), and we got all the doors and drawers back on/in the cabinets.

It’s far from being done. We need to organize the contents of our upper cabinets and have glass put in the upper doors. We need to patch the tile on the floor where a peninsula was coming out. We need to have countertops put in and tile the backsplash. We need to put in the vent hood and install cabinet lighting (which will involve some of wiring work in the attic).

There is a lot more work ahead of us but the progress we’re making shows.

In other news. We’re having some plumbing problems. When we bought the house we paid for an extra sewer line inspection just to make sure everything was in working order and we wouldn’t run into any unexpected issues. It turns out they only inspected the line that runs water from the kitchen and basement. Not the line that carries all the scary stuff that comes out of our bodies AWAY from us.

After painting the kitchen we were washing off some materials in the bathtub when our neighbor came over and said that there is white milky water coming into her backyard. Awesome. We have no clean out on that side of the house so the water is just seeping up through the ground.

We called our plumber out – he’s the same guy that redid the pipes in our bathroom and we both really like him a lot. After he showed us his new Texas Longhorn tattoo on his hand he dug down to the pipe to install a clean out. When he got down to the pipe he noticed that the pipe is basically constructed out of tar PAPER. It looks like he can give us a temporary fix by cleaning the pipe out but we’re going to have to build a new line. It’s a little ridiculous to try and repair the line or replace it where it is since even though it’s on our property line it’s in our neighbor’s back yard. The other challenge in the way is we have no access under the house on that side. So he’s going to have to create access through the floor of a closet. Then he’s going to create a new sewer line that hooks up from the new pipes he installed in our bathroom going out to the main line.


We’re looking forward to having all of these major repairs behind us.
The bathroom issues seem far behind us. All of this will be behind us soon enough.

The pains of remodeling a kitchen and doing our dishes in the bathtub is FUN compared to sewer problems.

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