Weekly Window Shopping

July 31, 2008

Not only are we on a toilet paper budget but we’re on a moolah budget as well. However, it’s no secret – I love shopping. Even if I can’t buy the things I’m shopping for.

I found this cute set of retro dishes that are pretty much perfect.
Ceramic dishes, Urban Outfitters

I think something like this platform bench with a cushion, from Urban Outfitters as well, would come in handy and look nice under a window in our bedroom or living room.
They have various cushions in different colors.

But maybe something like this slat bench would be more versatile.
Urban Outfitters

We’re finding the need for a step stool in the kitchen with our very high storage areas.
This cutie is from Target.com for only $9!

And for fun I found this Polaroid printer. Everyone that knows me knows I love a good Polaroid picture. I was devastated when they announced that they would stop producing film for the old school Polaroid cameras. I’ve stocked up and continue to see film in stores but know it will dry up soon enough.
So when I saw this gadget I thought it might be a good compromise – providing me with instant photos in a digital age. I wonder what the ink quality is like and how often you have to replace cartridges.

I would need this camera to go with it, though.
Also from Urban Outfitters, this is actually a digital camera!
Rollei Rollei Rollei. The Rolleiflex Mini Digital Camera proudly continues the Rollei Twin Lens Reflex tradition, pushing the famed camera into beautifully tiny territory! First developed in Germany in the 1920’s, the Rollei 6x6cm Twin Lens Reflex Camera has always been a preferred tool for serious photography, especially portraits. And because it’s as pretty as the pictures it takes, the Rollei has became a classic of 20th century camera design. Now, many of the original’s unique features (and all of its charm) can be yours in a retro-miniature package too awesome to believe! A 5 Mega Pixel camera with autofocus technology, the Rollei Mini allows you to shoot from a distance of 4 inches to infinity, saving each image to a Mini SD Card. Still the undisputed choice for portraits, the camera features an up-facing 1.1″ square display for waist level shooting, which encourages your subjects to go on looking and acting naturally instead of posing for the camera. Crank lever ‘film advance”; JPEG image format; 4.9mm F2.8 Lens; 1/15-1/2500s Shutter Speed; Automatic While Balance and Exposure Control; Auto power-off. Imported. Wipe clean.

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