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Shoe Craving

August 31, 2008

{Girls only post}

I’ve clearly been craving a new pair of shoes but don’t quite have the budget to go out drop a hundie on some new kicks.

So when I found these bad boys at Target for just $35 I had to have ’em.
Picture 9.png
Women’s Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Ariel Patent Oxford Booties – Black

But let me vent on Isaac Mizrahi for Target for a minute. I don’t know who his muse is but the man designs clothes that are completely disproportionate. I’ve had a little bit of luck with his belted dresses (that I only buy when on super clearance) but otherwise his tops are shaped like boxes and his pants do that bunchy gappy crotch thing. So I was worried when I fell in love with a pair of his shoes – but they fit like a glove – for my foot.

Kitchen update

August 30, 2008

Like I promised here are a few photos of our accomplishments so far for this weekend.

Photo 615.jpg
My mom sewed us some cafe curtains for the breakfast nook (thanks Mom!)I think they’re sweet and charming. The table is the IKEA DOCKSTA. The chairs are Herman Millers I scored at an antique store about 4 years ago.

Picture 7.png
I’ve always loved this table and it fits nicely in the breakfast nook.

Photo 618.jpg
Close-up of the aloe we planted in the yellow pinwheel potter.

I am updating the blog from the breakfast nook at this very moment. I think it is where the laptop will live. It’s cozy and will be nice to internet it up in the morning with a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee (which is when the both of us do most of our internetting). Oh – and Jeremy just took a break from the xbox and was excited to see that I’m using this space. I think it’s just novel because for so long the breakfast nook was housing the uninstalled vent hood, ladders, tools and tile – it’s neat to be in the nook for its intended purpose.

Photo 617.jpg
Check out our vent hood. Here it is after getting all the tile grouted and the protective white film off it. Funny story – when we opened the vent hood I was freaking out because it was white and not stainless steel – when I called Home Depot to inquire about it they informed me that the white was just a protective film over the stainless steel. I asked them nicely to please forget we ever had the conversation.

I should note that I left my camera cord at work so all of my photos are taken with my iSight. Please disregard the poor quality and the fact that all of the images are reversed – I’ll have some really nice before and after shots once we get everything polished off.

Just for fun here is some of my original inspiration for the kitchen.
classic bradley kitchen 3 main.jpg
Tile – check. Stainless steel venthood – check.

classic krupnick avelofts kitchen 2 main.jpg
Tile – check. Aloe plant in a yellow vase – check. (P.S. that was tucked away in my sub-conscience – I didn’t intentionally rip that off!)

All we have left to do in here is fill some nail holes, grout the patched tile on the floor, install the lighting, touch up the cabinet paint, install cabinet hardware and then we’re DONE. So far we’ve grouted the backsplash and Jeremy installed the water line to the ice maker on the fridge (which was a huge ordeal, unfortunately).

The couch!

August 29, 2008

So our couch arrived this morning! They sent us the wrong throw pillows but other than that it looks good. It is HUGE compared to what we had in there before – but that’s what we wanted. Something large enough for all our friends to pile on and watch TV with us.

This is going to be a very busy weekend being one of the last ones to work on the house before our housewarming party. I’ll keep you all updated with the progress as it happens though – I promise!

Ceramic Fortune Cookies – Bowl Fillers

August 28, 2008

So I’ve been wanting to fill the bowl on our dining room table with something like fruit, but fruit rots and I’m not sure how I feel about using the faux plastic alternative.

I came across these ceramic fortune cookies via Design Milk.
YogaGoat Pottery, by Amanda Ryznar
I think these are definitely more interesting and unique then a bowl of fruit and they would look great under our white chandelier.

For a while at my old place I used the wooden balls from my vintage croquet set to fill a bowl but I think I might need something slightly more refined since it is on the dining room table.

Any other ideas?

Donny Vomit

August 27, 2008

So I meant to finish grouting our backsplash Monday night until I got distracted video-chatting with my brother for three and a half hours. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my family, especially my siblings.

Let me introduce to you, my brother, Donny Vomit. He works as an entertainer at the Coney Island Sideshow. For a living he shoves nails into his head, eats and breathes fire, swallows swords, sets mousetraps off on his tongue, and so much more. He moved out to NYC 4 years ago and slowly worked his way up to becoming a minor celebrity. He’s been featured on ESPN during the hot dog eating contest, he’s made appearances on Miami Ink and is coming up on Girls Next Door (a show about Hugh Hefners girlfriends).

My parents are always googling him to see what he’s been up to. I just tried it out and found blogs of girls wanting to be Mrs. Donny Vomit, articles about the sideshow school he teaches, and then the random vomit photos that have nothing to do with Donny.

Photo taken by his beautiful and talented girlfriend, Halston.
I love this photo. It compeletely captures his essence. The way he’s holding that glass is so him.

Here he is looking holy while doing the human blockhead.

This is what the human blockhead looks like from the inside.
Recently a reporter insinuated that this photo is fake. It isn’t.

This is where he works.

This is one of my favorite photos of him. It’s also the first photo I took on my Holga camera. This photo is Donny just as my brother.

So if you’re ever in NYC during the warmer season make your way out to Coney Island and say hi to Donny.

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