Donny Vomit

So I meant to finish grouting our backsplash Monday night until I got distracted video-chatting with my brother for three and a half hours. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my family, especially my siblings.

Let me introduce to you, my brother, Donny Vomit. He works as an entertainer at the Coney Island Sideshow. For a living he shoves nails into his head, eats and breathes fire, swallows swords, sets mousetraps off on his tongue, and so much more. He moved out to NYC 4 years ago and slowly worked his way up to becoming a minor celebrity. He’s been featured on ESPN during the hot dog eating contest, he’s made appearances on Miami Ink and is coming up on Girls Next Door (a show about Hugh Hefners girlfriends).

My parents are always googling him to see what he’s been up to. I just tried it out and found blogs of girls wanting to be Mrs. Donny Vomit, articles about the sideshow school he teaches, and then the random vomit photos that have nothing to do with Donny.

Photo taken by his beautiful and talented girlfriend, Halston.
I love this photo. It compeletely captures his essence. The way he’s holding that glass is so him.

Here he is looking holy while doing the human blockhead.

This is what the human blockhead looks like from the inside.
Recently a reporter insinuated that this photo is fake. It isn’t.

This is where he works.

This is one of my favorite photos of him. It’s also the first photo I took on my Holga camera. This photo is Donny just as my brother.

So if you’re ever in NYC during the warmer season make your way out to Coney Island and say hi to Donny.

  1. i love donny. i love your posts with donny pictures.

  2. They featured your brother quite a lot on that Samatha Brown show. Considering it was only a 30 minute show about the entire Bklyn, he must have made quite an impression on them.

    How funny that I have lived in Bklyn for my entire life (on and off) and had no clue there was an active side show here. I knew they had them back in the day but I had just assumed they closed up shop!

  3. Donny is definitely a great guy – my girlfriend Nicole and I hang out at the sideshow regularly and it’s never the same without him there. One of my favorite quotes came when we discussed the Human Blockhead beer having the most alcohol in it. He said “yeah, I can’t drink my own beer because I’ll get hammered. If I drop one chainsaw, I’m bummed for the whole night.”

  4. Mrs. L – I need to buy that episode of Sam Brown on iTunes. I was on vacation when it aired and haven’t caught the rerun.

    ConeyLove – Aww… that’s Donny and his perfect soundbites.

  5. Glad you linked back to this post so that one can learn more about your brother! You got it; next time in NYC I’ll have to see his show! Looks quite scary to me, but than that’s me! It doesn’ take much to scare the heck out of me! HAHA! Cheers, Julie

  6. Gal

    I was just on a vacation in NYC and on my last day there my friends took me to see the sideshow. Donny was definitely the most intriguing person on the stage. I’m glad I came. 🙂

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