Shoe Craving

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I’ve clearly been craving a new pair of shoes but don’t quite have the budget to go out drop a hundie on some new kicks.

So when I found these bad boys at Target for just $35 I had to have ’em.
Picture 9.png
Women’s Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Ariel Patent Oxford Booties – Black

But let me vent on Isaac Mizrahi for Target for a minute. I don’t know who his muse is but the man designs clothes that are completely disproportionate. I’ve had a little bit of luck with his belted dresses (that I only buy when on super clearance) but otherwise his tops are shaped like boxes and his pants do that bunchy gappy crotch thing. So I was worried when I fell in love with a pair of his shoes – but they fit like a glove – for my foot.

  1. I hate it when pants have that weird crotch thing going on, especially when the rest of the pant fits well. I don’t want something funky going on in the crotch. I tried on some pants at the old navy and they had funky crotch thing going on and it made me so mad.

  2. lfab

    gay men designing clothes for women. what could go wrong?

    that’s why i also only bought isaac shoes this weekend.

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