September 17, 2008

I recently purchased a package of plain black frames in various sizes. I have 20 total.
Going clockwise starting at 12: Holga photo of my brother, my grandma in a bathing suit, me in a bathing suit on the beach in Mexico, Holga print of Jeremy and I in Mexico, Donny’s blockhead x-ray, Holga photo of my dad (the boxer), a print that was a gift from Liz, Jeremy playing the drums (with a mohawk) circa 1998, an editorial spread from a magazine printed in 1957 with our Heywood-Wakefield dining set featured in it, photobooth shots of Jeremy and I, a note from my brother.

I received this note from my brother in the mail about a year ago. It was just what I needed at the time and meant the world to me.

A close-up of Jeremy playing the drums at 20 years old. This photo is one of my favorites. It’s sweet to think of him back then.

I was originally planning to fill our hallway with these frames (I’ve got 9 more to fill) but now I am considering clustering them in the living room.
Whatever I do in there I need to add some vertical height. Everything is so low and horizontal right now…

I also have this image in my mind of a large square yellow, tan and brown piece of art – now let’s see if I can find something like that anywhere…
Something like that would also work above the TV.

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