Master Bedroom

September 26, 2008

The master bedroom is pretty much complete. I wanted to map out the inspiration and color palette paired with the final image.*

• I knew I wanted the room to match the cats. Grey and white with gold (eyes) accents. Originally I wanted to go more yellow rather than gold but over the course of designing the room things just wound up gold.
• Painting the walls grey was hands-down the best color choice we made in the entire house. It’s a warm grey that keeps the room from feeling to dull or institutional. The gold accents give the entire room a nice metallic palette.

The piece we already had:
• Bedroom Furniture
• Gold faux fur throw
• White throw
• Sheets
• Gold birds

Pieces purchased:
• Rugs (Target) – this is an older photo – so the rugs aren’t pictured here.
(I just thought this photo wasn’t quite as good)
• Gold comforter and shams (Target)
• Curtains and rods (Target; Bed Bath & Beyond)

I’m going to go through and map out the rest of the rooms that are complete or almost complete. For those that aren’t quite finished I think it will help give me a sense of what I need to do to polish them off.

*This is all after Liz showed me a color dissection of her duplex she created for her mom as a guide to help her with buying her things for her place.

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