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Weekly Window Shopping

September 23, 2008

I’ve been bitten by the Fall bug. And with that comes Fall shopping.

Picture 1.png
I think I need a cropped motorcycle jacket. It will go well with my Vespa.

And these shoes.
I love, love, love these. Yes I said it. Love love love.

Both by Steve Madden.

The kitchen – almost complete.

September 22, 2008

Jeremy and I finally buckled down and got back to work.

We decided to tackle the kitchen – it’s just so close to being done.
This image might not look TOO different but look closely. You’ll see another FADO globe light hanging where it once wasn’t. You will also see knobs and pulls on all the doors and drawers. What you might not see is the fresh coat of white paint I applied to all the doors and drawers as well. And you might not see how air tight everything is after applying caulk to every nail hole and every crack visible.

Here you can see the two lights hanging together. I love it.

Part of the process.

So the only things we really have left to do is grout the floor where the tile was patched, touch up the grout on the backsplash in some areas, seal the grout on the backsplash and touch up the wall paint.

A solution.

September 18, 2008

Okay. So our living room needs some help.

After reviewing everyone’s suggestions and brainstorming I came up with an idea that I’m super excited about. I want to get a large piece of wood – like 4 feet x 4 feet and wash it with white stain. I contacted one of my local printers about doing a large format print on top of it.

For just $8 a sq. ft. we could have something like this:

Or this:
(not necessarily this image – I just wanted to show that we could print a FULL image on the wood)

Or this:
I like the idea of having a black and white line drawing of furniture or something scientific. Like a vintage scientific drawing of a plant or skeleton.

Coming up with something to put on there is going to be like deciding on a tattoo. So many possibilities.

Rachel pointed out that we need something bold above the fireplace to help draw the eye up. I think something like this would work there. Or behind the TV.


And I think this space could use a full length leaning mirror. Or a huge starburst clock/mirror.

More on that print.

September 17, 2008

By Julianna Swaney, “Bird Girl With White Ruff”
It really couldn’t be more perfect.


September 17, 2008

I recently purchased a package of plain black frames in various sizes. I have 20 total.
Going clockwise starting at 12: Holga photo of my brother, my grandma in a bathing suit, me in a bathing suit on the beach in Mexico, Holga print of Jeremy and I in Mexico, Donny’s blockhead x-ray, Holga photo of my dad (the boxer), a print that was a gift from Liz, Jeremy playing the drums (with a mohawk) circa 1998, an editorial spread from a magazine printed in 1957 with our Heywood-Wakefield dining set featured in it, photobooth shots of Jeremy and I, a note from my brother.

I received this note from my brother in the mail about a year ago. It was just what I needed at the time and meant the world to me.

A close-up of Jeremy playing the drums at 20 years old. This photo is one of my favorites. It’s sweet to think of him back then.

I was originally planning to fill our hallway with these frames (I’ve got 9 more to fill) but now I am considering clustering them in the living room.
Whatever I do in there I need to add some vertical height. Everything is so low and horizontal right now…

I also have this image in my mind of a large square yellow, tan and brown piece of art – now let’s see if I can find something like that anywhere…
Something like that would also work above the TV.

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