September 26, 2008

When Jeremy moved in with me I was NOT a cat person and he had two cats. So he made some concessions to make the adjustment a little easier and we agreed on the following terms:
1. The cats would be given SoftPaws. (A wonderful alternative to declawing that makes the cats looks like they have a fresh coat of polish on their nails.)
2. Jeremy would clean out the cat box 3 times a day. It’s 2 now but it seems to suffice. I also insisted on unscented litter.
3. For himself, Jeremy bought a Roomba. This is to help clean up the litter that the kittens track out of the cat box. It also cleans up their hair (and mine) that seems to collect in corners and on the rugs.

This is a robot vacuum. We have the white and grey one. It matches the cats! So really, Roomba is fantastic. It won’t completely replace your upright vacuum (oh, hello, Dyson) but it helps with every day cleaning. Roomba had a hard time adjusting to moving into the new house and refused to work. Jeremy ordered a new battery just to have it short out. Well, we finally got another battery in the mail and Roomba’s “power” light is shining brightly.

Well. Today a Scooba came up on
This is the robot mop. Our kitchen floor can’t seem to stay clean and this is just what we need. I think it would make a nice addition to our little family.

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