The kitchen – almost complete.

September 22, 2008

Jeremy and I finally buckled down and got back to work.

We decided to tackle the kitchen – it’s just so close to being done.
This image might not look TOO different but look closely. You’ll see another FADO globe light hanging where it once wasn’t. You will also see knobs and pulls on all the doors and drawers. What you might not see is the fresh coat of white paint I applied to all the doors and drawers as well. And you might not see how air tight everything is after applying caulk to every nail hole and every crack visible.

Here you can see the two lights hanging together. I love it.

Part of the process.

So the only things we really have left to do is grout the floor where the tile was patched, touch up the grout on the backsplash in some areas, seal the grout on the backsplash and touch up the wall paint.

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