Buck the Norm

October 27, 2008

This was an event filled weekend!

Saturday there was the annual OKC Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween parade. Our client, Buck The Norm, decided to enter the parade and I was given the task to coordinate and produce our float, costumes, etc. with another co-worker of mine.

This is our float – a huge 14′ x 8′ billboard.
What is “the norm”? The norm is debt and overspending.

Here’s an example of a norm pimp (yes, Jeremy was recruited to participate). I spent hours and hours safety pinning those dollar bills onto six sweat suits.

Our norm pimps were carrying the norm monsters (finger puppet = norm monster). We had 3 guys to each monster.

Here they are in action.

Behind the norm monsters was the billboard.

And behind the billboard we have our buckers.
They say “BUCK THE NORM!”

We had those buck the norm speech bubble protest signs made. We attached flash lights to the poles to light up the signs. Each bucker was dressed in a solid color.

The event was a success! It was a lot of hard work but it paid off. Everyone looked great and had a lot of fun.

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