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October 24, 2008

I’m loving these prints by Hammerpress.

Picture 9.png

Picture 10.png

Picture 13.png

Picture 12.png

Fire pit

October 23, 2008

So I keep on thinking that next year the interior of our house will be completely done and we can move on to landscaping.

As it gets colder outside I find myself wanting a firepit.
(ignore Mrs. Palin on the right)

Field Fire Pit.jpg


Patio Fire Pit 2.jpg

This is our backyard now:
Except now our deck is set up with a patio set (thank you Jeremy’s mom and grandma), a grill and two shiny schwinns.

I don’t have a photo facing the opposite direction but the yard goes back pretty deep. It would be cool to have a path going from the deck stairs to the fire pit… I’ll map it all out and try a few different layouts when executing a little landscaping is a little more feasible. For now it’s just a day dream.

Mad Men and True Blood

October 22, 2008

So… every Sunday night Liz comes over and we watch True Blood and Mad Men. These shows are so good that I pretty much live for Sunday night.

So when Liz told me she wanted to be Joan Holloway for a Halloween party I just about died.

Liz gathered some thumbnails for us to study. She brought over some liquid liner and an I Love Lucy wig. We pinned the wig and applied a ton of make-up, threw on some gold jewelry and voile – you’ve got Joan.

Here’s a polaroid of the finished look. Taken in my kitchen, next to the brownies Liz made.

In this picture you can see the Michael Graves toaster I recently purchased (I was craving toast) and our cute Halloween kitchen towels hanging on the stove.

Frames and Plants and Things

October 22, 2008

So remember how I ordered a ton of frames and spent a good evening filling them with photos?

Well, I finally started hanging them!
I still have a few more to fill – and the next time I place an order at Urban Outfitters (which I’m known to do often) I will order another batch of frames. I want to fill the wall, floor to ceiling and even over the arch doorway.

Also, while I was in Atlanta Jeremy’s mom and grandma brought us a plant!
I love it. It adds a little bit of height and a little bit of life to that corner that nobody knew what to do with.

What’s on your stendig?

October 20, 2008

I’m thinking we need one of these and should take a picture a day to tack on our new calendar.

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