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November 18, 2008

Well – I was wanting to wait until this afternoon to post pictures of the hallway, especially so soon after the exciting bathroom before/after post, but I just can’t contain myself.




It was quite a process but well worth it. We still need to do the touch ups but overall everything came out much cleaner than I had anticipated. We also need to hang our new light fixture, paint the french doors to my closet black, and possibly install some recessed lighting on both ends of the hall to get a little more light in there.

Paint used:
Sherwin Williams Creme in a flat finish
Sherwin Williams Black Magic in a flat finish
Sherwin Williams Extra White for the trim

Bathroom Before/After

November 18, 2008

Without further ado!
Here is the bathroom – before and after!

What we did:
• Replaced tile
• Replaced subfloor
• Replaced lead pipes with PVC
• Textured the walls
• Painted walls with Conservative grey
• Painted trim with white
• Replaced baseboards and patched tub tile
• Replaced light fixture
• Replaced blinds

For visual reference of the journey:






Lunch with Jim Lehrer

November 17, 2008

Today I was invited, last minute, to an award luncheon put on by the OU College of Journalism.
Jim Lehrer was the recipient of the Gaylord Prize. He moderated the presidential debate between McCain and Obama that took place at the University of Mississippi.
I always go to events like these for work expecting nothing but always find myself leaving inspired.

She’s a hard working girl… got a big red truck.

November 17, 2008

For the past few months I’ve been obsessed with wanting a truck. Specifically, a two-toned (blue and white, please) 1980s Ford F150.

When I tell most people about my desire for a good ol’ truck I’m met with “but what about the COST OF GAS!?”

Well, I also drive one of these:
Vespa PX 150.jpg
The 90 mpg combats the 8 I’d get with a truck. ALSO, I only live 3 miles from my work.

A truck would be great for lots of things. Like moving/picking up furniture. Hauling home a Christmas tree, quarter round, and large sheets of plywood for random projects, just to name a few.

And I’d look cute driving it.

Silk nog + whiskey

November 15, 2008

In between taping stripes in our hallway (yes, we’re still working on it – on a Saturday night no less) Jeremy and I decided to enjoy some Silk nog.

Lactose free egg nog.

With a little bit of whiskey.

Topped off with a little bit of nutmeg.

Now, I’m sure soy nog is blasphemous to a few of you Jeremy thinks it’s quite tasty – a little less eggy and creamy than the real deal.

I’m still not sure how I feel about egg nog (soy or the real deal). This is my first year to try either.

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