A Real Tree – part 1

December 1, 2008

Jeremy and I decided to get a real tree this Christmas.

When I was really young we lived on a lake front in Tyler, Texas and my dad would take his bass boat across the lake, chop down an evergreen and bring it back home. As I recall the trees were huge and one year a bird was still living in it even after we got it all set up and trimmed out in lights and ornaments.

Since college I’ve had a few fake trees. For a couple of years I was obsessed with trying to find a vintage silver tree (the kind made from metal) but stuck with what I could find from Wal-Mart.

So for the first time since moving out of my parents house, and a first for Jeremy ever, we got a real tree. We went to a local seed & feed and picked out a perfect tree. We picked out a very full 6-7 ft. tree – it looked small in the lot but now that it’s in our house it seems HUGE. We went to Target and picked up what seemed like plenty lights and ornaments only for them to be completely dwarfed by our huge tree.

To be continued (with pictures of the tree in our house)…

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