December 22, 2008

My nephew, Charlie, has a thing for Wall-E. It’s more like an obsession. My sister, Charlie’s mom, has a thing for dioramas.

Combine the two and it’s a recipe for magic.
Together they created Wall-E’s home perfectly contained in a shoebox.

When I came across this Wall-E bento I had to send it to my sister immediately.
How incredible is that?

If I had the time and patience I would create a bento every morning for Jeremy and I. However, I can imagine it would never taste as good as it looks. And I do think that if my mom had made me carrots in the shape of asterisks I probably wouldn’t have thrown up in my mouth every time she made me eat them. Just sayin’.

She also made a Professor Layton bento! One of my favorite DS games right now.
Check out more of her bento boxes here.

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