Wallpaper has gained a stigma over the past few decades but it’s making a comeback. A very cool and hip comeback. The first house I bought I spent hours carefully peeling away some hideous wallpaper out of the front entryway and bathroom. It was so bad, I couldn’t even pretend it was cool in an ironic way.

Well, after giving it some consideration I think Jeremy and I should wallpaper a room in our house. It was even suggested by a fellow blogger when we were considering the hallway stripes. I’m thinking the office. It’s pretty obvious the walls are not the original plaster and have been replaced with some smooth sheet rock – already set up for us to throw some wallpaper on.

Ferm Living
The room already has a black chalkboard wall with the Stendig Calendar in the middle. So there’s a black and white thing going on in there already.

Ferm Living
A black and white print could be cool.

Or we could go for something with a little more color.
Ferm Living
Like bronze.

Or a lot more color.
Picture 1.png
Orla Kiely
Like this orange stem print available from Orla Kiely.

I’m going to sleep on it a little bit but it could happen sooner rather than later.

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  1. We have horrible red plaid wallpaper that is about to be destroyed by professionals.

    I like some wallpapers, but usually the ones that are cool are also super retarded expensive.

    I think if I papered I would do one wall, instead of all four…it would feel like i was inside of a wrapped present if all four were done.

  2. lfab


    Although I agree on maybe starting with just an accent wall.


    Wallpaper everything, including the ceiling. All out!

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