Our striped hallway has been getting some attention over at Kaboodle.
Picture 12.png
Thanks, Kristi, for the shout out.


Oh! We totally need a vintage birdcage in our vintage-traveler guest bedroom!
And maybe even a couple little birdies to drive Scooty Boots and Dinahsaur crazy.

In related news, I am currently obsessed with wanting to hit the road and decided that a map wall will be perfect for logging our adventures and where we’ve been and where we want to go. I like the idea of spinning around (blindfolded) and pointing to a place, packing our bags and going.

Canon G10!

I *ahemJeremy* did my taxes and I got a little bit (a lot) of a return!

So I got this.
It just came in the mail yesterday and I’m already smitten. With all the photos I’ve been taking (and plan on taking) I thought it was time to step it up and get something a little nicer. Since playing with it last night I’ve only taken a bunch of photos of my feet – so I’m looking forward to taking some real, art directed, shots in the very near future.

fri 01.30.09 - detail
This is a photo I took on the micro setting. Read about the bracelet (that I love love love) here.