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Striped ceiling.

January 28, 2009

When Jeremy and I were hanging blinds in bedrooms #2 and #3 I suggested that maybe we should paint the walls and woodwork. He gave me the stink eye and we both pretended that I never said anything. We both decided that we were done painting, indefinitely, after completing the hallway stripes.

Then the other morning as I was flipping through my Domino book I saw this striped ceiling. And I was completely inspired.

I suggested to Jeremy that we should paint stripes on our ceiling in the office and he just about had a heart attack.

I had to do a little mock-up. Is it too stripey stripey? Does it look like a circus? Is the striped hallway enough?

(Original photo for reference)

My favorite house in OKC.

January 28, 2009

After finishing up some work at home yesterday Jeremy and I decided to go sledding. About a mile from our house is sledding heaven known as Douglas Park.

I really like our house but it’s not my favorite. Keep reading.


We didn’t have anything to sled on but found some trashcan lids in our shed.

We started our trek. It really wasn’t so bad. We walked through one of my favorite neighborhoods in OKC called Crown Heights. It neighbors our little area, Edgemere Park.
We passed by my favorite house in OKC. I have this silly little dream that one day it will be ours.

We finally made our way to Douglas Park and it truly was sledding heaven. There were families with vintage sleds, dogs chasing each other around in the snow and teenagers on snow boards. I wish I could show you pictures but my camera froze up and stopped working.

Today I will be thawing my car out and slowly crawl to work. Ice Storm 2009 is just about over but I had a blast. Posts that don’t involve weather will resume!

Ice Storm 2009 Continued

January 27, 2009

I’m working from home again today (and the novelty of working in my PJs hasn’t worn off yet).

Picture 10.png
I actually managed to get some stuff done! Here’s a blue print of a micro site I’m working on.

This is my view today. A little more white.

And we’re literally snowed in. We could make it past that little barrier but haven’t bothered trying. And don’t let that “snow” fool you – it’s actually a block of ice disguised as fluffy white snow.

Jeremy making us some hot chocolate.
We have a good amount of food, coffee, hot chocolate (and wine) to get us through the day or week if necessary.

Architectural Antiques (and dead people’s stuff)

January 27, 2009

After seeing Rachel’s post about this gem of an antique store I had to make a visit. This weekend Jeremy and I, along with his mom and grandma, decided to hit up Architectural Antiques and Dead People’s Stuff.





I thought this lamp was so cool.

All of these things are the kind of stuff I want to fill bedroom #2 with.

I’m obsessed with having a card catalog or vintage drug store drawers in our house. Something like this would go perfectly in our dining room.

Bedroom #2 – Moodboard

January 26, 2009

When Jeremy and I first bought our home we assigned our bedrooms numbers since they didn’t have identities yet.

Bedroom #1 became the master bedroom. Bedroom #3 is finally coming together as our office. Bedroom #2 is still a room with no name – but eventually I’d like to call it our guest bedroom.

Bedroom #2

So this evening as I was shopping on line with my brother and brainstorming decorating ideas for him I became inspired. When I think of my guest bedroom I think of my brother staying with me – so why not decorate this room for him? I like to imagine this room as a poor traveling musicians room (with great style, of course).

So I promptly whipped together a moodboard.
Do you love it? I do!

Now, while all of these things, aside from the vintage suitcase table, are very “off the shelf” I would actually try to hunt and gather most furniture from local antique stores. I could find multiple vintage maps and layer them on the wall, a wrought iron bed, an old rusty chandelier. This mood board just helps to give focus and direction to this room.

Here are the elements I used for this mock-up:
8′ x 13′ world map wall mural – urban outfitters – $140

IKEA Heimdal twin size bed frame – $79
Now, I’m not sure if getting a twin size bed is very practical (or comfortable) but I love the idea of it.

Jeremy’s drums. ’64 Ludwig.

Keep calm poster in metallic silver.

Ikea stockholm rand layered with

5×7 Diamond Kilim Printed Cotton Rug – Urban Outfitters -$68

Vintage repurposed suitcase side table.

Picture 3.png
overnight table lamp – cb2 – $49.95

And last but not least this chandelier would be SO rad in this room.
Pottery Barn – Edison Chandelier – $399.00

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