Personal and Family Survival

Our mail slot is through our front door. This is the first house I’ve lived in like that and it’s always a little bizarre to come home with your mail scattered all over your living room floor.

Yesterday when Jeremy and I got home this was laying on the floor.
Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense: Personal and Family Survival. ©1966.



Bizarre, right? This was either a total mistake or someone knows me really well because I love it. And I love even more that it’s a mystery who dropped it in our mail.

Oh and I googled mapped the address on the back of the book and there isn’t a house there – just an empty lot.

A Mirror and a "K"

A couple new things!
First, my sister picked up this mirror on sale at Target for Jeremy and I. It won’t be making a permanent home here on the mantle – we’re still trying to decide where it should go. I’m thinking in our bedroom behind my jewelry cluster.

Second, a friend of mine (and I won’t name names but her name rhymes with Shliz) obtains marquee letters (and I won’t say how) and I LOVE them. So the other night after celebrating Mardi Gras she got me this letter K.

Now we just need a J.

Kitchen Help – Continued

I just saw this image on sfgirlbybay of a lighter airy kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

They pulled it off nicely! It looks like their solution to the sides issue was to add a cabinet facing to the side. We just don’t have the time or patience.

Oh! And I should add that Jeremy and I are going to look into seeing what it will take to hook up gas to the kitchen so we can get a gas stove.

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Etsy Find

First off, thank you everyone for your kitchen comments. Keep ’em coming because I’m still completely torn.

Yesterday I was browsing for “vintage typography” on Etsy and stumbled across this lot.
Vintage diner black and white restaurant menu board sign display cards
For $5.50 you get three random 12 X 1 1/4 inches cardstock prints. These would go great on our chalkboard wall in the kitchen.

Kitchen Advice Needed – HELP!

Jeremy and I need some serious kitchen advice. Stainless steel appliances or not?


We are getting a new stove and dishwasher.

Should we stick with white? Or go with stainless steel?

Here’s the case for stainless steel:
• instant modern/chic wow factor
• matches the fridge

Here is the case for white:
• matches the cabinets for a more seamless look
• lighter / airy
• sweeter – less industrial than steel

Also – I should mention that all the images online that show a 3/4 view of stainless steel appliances have BLACK sides. That will totally break up the visual flow of our kitchen.

If we go for a white stove should we definitely get a white dishwasher?


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