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Weekly Window Shopping – Story of Hope

February 25, 2009

There is a shop downtown called Story of Hope – and all proceeds go to benefit Feed the Children.

I made a visit to this boutique and found more than a couple things I loved.

I love this jar.

They have something for everyone (that likes to shop) there.
Cute baby toys.

It’s not really my style but their signature item throughout the store is framed butterfly wing art from West Africa.
A West African resident picks the wings from dead butterflies and creates one of a kind artwork with it. The proceeds go to feed the children in the Darfur region.

Story of Hope
120 N. Robinson, Downtown OKC

Filing Cabinet

February 24, 2009

Jeremy and I have inherited a black filing cabinet – leftover from the new Third Degree work space we worked on this weekend.


I’m thinking it will fit in nicely in our office with the black chalkboard wall and my retro metal work desk. But I want to dress it up a little – to make it unique and fun.

Blik Decals, a vinyl cut-out peel and stick decals, are the easiest thing I can think of to help dress it up.

Picture 5
Classic open dots

Picture 3
Eames circles

Picture 2

Which one is your favorite?

Our weekend – Work Space

February 23, 2009

This weekend Jeremy and I put together the work space at my office.
This space was previously “the diner” before a coworker and I designed a new diner space.

Here is my original moodboard for this space.

Here is the layout.
Picture 1
A little bit of planning goes a long way.

Jeremy put together all of those tables and stools while I laid the FLOR carpet tile. We moved the filing cabinets into the nook that used to hold our fridge and coffee. It took us all day but it feels nice to get it done. And a few of you might think I’m crazy for working on a space like this on my day off but that’s just how much I love my job. And Jeremy helping out? That’s just how much he loves me.


February 20, 2009

So this is where my jewelry hangs out.

It’s kind of a mess but I love it. It reminds me of this garage sale jewelry chandelier.

I got most of my favorite costume jewelry from my grandma. One day she opened her jewelry box and let me have at it.

My mom claims that I got my sense of style and love of shopping from my grandma, pictured above.

This frame (aside from a couple oversized pillows for our couch) is the only thing I wound up with from the big Target Design Event. And I got it for $3.58! What a steal. Jeremy placed it here by my jewelry to get it out of the way and I thought it looked great – and it was only appropriate to put a photo of my grandma in it. A little shrine, if you will.

And no worries, I will be making a jewelry chandelier one day.


February 19, 2009

I think old typewriters are romantic.

1951 Underwood Typewriter with carrying case.

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