J + K: The Wedding Invitations

March 31, 2009

The most intimidating thing to do as a designer is design for yourself. Especially something like a wedding invitation.

So I decided to go with a “non-design” – I had to approach it as such to get past my own mental freak out of “ohmygodicantdesignmyowninvitations.” My sister wrote the copy for the invites with a few tweaks from Jeremy. I knew I wanted a Wes Anderson vibe – a kind of correspondence letter.


My favorite details are the silhouettes and our signatures (that we actually signed on each and every invitation.) We did a postcard for the reception invitation with the same look and feel.

I designed all of this and printed it on a laser and ink jet printer only in black. I gathered paper from a local Hobby store and my own paper collection I’ve accrued through the years.

P.S. Here are the invitations I designed for a coworker.

P.P.S. I can design invitations for you too.

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