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Around OKC: 201 E. Main

April 30, 2009

I love this little building. I wish I had snapped it more from the side so you could see how shallow it is – and that it’s sort of shaped like a triangle.

I’m always so attracted to the blue against the red brick. And the broken window. I love it.

Fur & Bones

April 30, 2009




When I was a kid, and newly vegetarian, my dad would always buy me gifts that involved fur, bones or taxidermied reptiles. He thought it was soooo funny – and it kind of was. But little did he know, he was actually instilling an appreciation, an aesthetic even, for fur, bones and all things taxidermied. Thanks, Dad.

And Scooty, you better watch it – this attitude you’ve developed (I’m blaming it on Spring) is a one-way ticket to becoming a pillow cover. I kid, I kid.

J + K: The wedding budget

April 29, 2009

Wedding budgets can be a very personal topic but I’ve decided to add up the costs of our wedding for you, dear readers, because I KNOW you want to know (I’m curious too!).

Let’s dive right in.

My dress: $140 (on sale from $400) – gifted by my mom
Fascinator hair piece: $70
Mani/Pedi: $100 (for my official unofficial bridesmaid too)
Jeremy’s outfit: $170
Rings: heirloom / gifted

Polaroid Film: $320
Kodak 400 CV 120 (for Holga): $50
Balloons – $10

Materials: $60
Stamps: $25

Paper Lanterns: $100
Lights: $75
Flowers: $100
Music: $25
Misc (vases, cupcake holder, ribbon, plates, silverware, napkins, etc): $290

Food and Drink:
Hors D’ouvres: $220
Iron Starr BBQ: $350
Food Chafers: $55
Liquor (wine, beer, liquor): $230
Cupcakes: Gifted from a dear friend.



Jeremy and I never really set a wedding budget but were both keeping in mind that we would like to try and keep it under $3,000 – so we came in a little bit under – that helps pay for the honeymoon and appendectomymoon!

I think it is important to consider your priorities when making a wedding budget. The items we wanted to splurge on were food and alcohol, while we saved on costs by not having an actual photographer at the wedding and instead have guests take Polaroids and digital snaps.

When throwing a big party or wedding what kinds of things are you willing to splurge on? Where do you save on costs to compromise?

P.S. We’ll be paying on the remodel for the venue location for another 8 months.

My perfect little Lego life.

April 28, 2009

My sister has this gift for making things out of Legos.

Like this little Lego bodega. I want to shop there. I want little Lego flowers and little Lego cartons of milk.

And I’d take my cute little Lego bag of groceries with a little Lego baguette sticking out the top to my cute little Lego townhouse around the corner.
Oh and the interior to my little Lego townhouse is all white on white.

Around OKC: Myriad Gardens

April 28, 2009

Last week Liz and I had lunch at the Festival of the Arts – it takes place every year at the Myriad Gardens in OKC.


I love the modern design of that walkway and the lines of the conservatory. It’s truly a lovely little area.

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