Around OKC: 201 E. Main

I love this little building. I wish I had snapped it more from the side so you could see how shallow it is – and that it’s sort of shaped like a triangle.

I’m always so attracted to the blue against the red brick. And the broken window. I love it.

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  1. You know, I have to tell ya, I’ve never really even considered Oklahoma City as a hip/cool spot – but your house is freaking adorable and this building is clearly spunky (midcentury?) Look at blogland broadening my horizon…love that.

    anddddddddddd i love what you wore today on J&K

  2. Hallie

    I love this building. I have always wanted to buy it and make it a walk-up type restaurant and coffee shop. My dad said it was a little burger and hotdog joint many many years ago.

  3. Mountain Bride – I’m glad I can be little bit of an ambassador for the ultra-hip state of Oklahoma. Really, this topic deserves it’s own post – I’ll do that next week. 🙂

    Hallie – That is so cool! I kind of imagined it as a tiny little auto shop.

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