Master Bedroom – Rearranged

April 24, 2009

Jeremy recently confessed to me that when he wakes up in the middle of the night and can see down our striped hallway it creeps him out. In addition to our headboard being backed up to windows made him feel vulnerable. I told him it would scare me too if I wasn’t sandwiched by two men (him and Mr. Scooty Boots aka Jaguar Paw) every night to keep me safe.

For reference, here is what our master bedroom looked like before we rearranged.

And here it is now.
The bed is flip-flopped to mirror the position it used to be in.

The positioning of everything else in the room (as well as styling) is still a work in progress. But this gives you an idea of the current layout.


Since the room has been rearranged I have slept better than I have in weeks. It’s also fun to feel like I’m in a whole new space – like moving but better.

*Sorry if these images are slow-loading. My flickr is acting up today.

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