My perfect little Lego life.

My sister has this gift for making things out of Legos.

Like this little Lego bodega. I want to shop there. I want little Lego flowers and little Lego cartons of milk.

And I’d take my cute little Lego bag of groceries with a little Lego baguette sticking out the top to my cute little Lego townhouse around the corner.
Oh and the interior to my little Lego townhouse is all white on white.

  1. lfab

    Mine will be multiple shades of grey with white and mustard accents. Mmmm. And chaaairsssss

  2. Aww, I was so obsessed with legos back in the day! These are great. I’ll totally go shopping at that bodega with you.

  3. K – Aren’t they fun!? We can have Lego coffee and croissants together.

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