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Guest Bedroom: Work in Progress

April 27, 2009

This weekend Jeremy worked on the guest bedroom a little bit.


This room is still very unfinished so this is all you get for now. I’m trying to get all the elements to work together in a way that feels put together or at least intentional.

Give us a couple more weeks and a fresh coat of paint on the wall.

Orla Kiely for Target

April 27, 2009

When the Orla Kiely for Target collection was released I was excited, but found that most of the collection didn’t fit in with things I wanted or needed.

But this last week this vase appeared in green and brown and I had to have it – not because I really really love the vase (which I do) but because I wanted to have a piece of the Orla Kiely for Target excitement.

Do you ever buy things for the experience?

Simplify Sundays

April 26, 2009

Every Sunday, we’re going to take steps to simplify our lives and we’ll share the experience with you all.

Today I tackled the bathroom cabinets.

I love old medicine packaging. I found this while cleaning out the medicine cabinet and can’t bear to toss it even though we’ll probably never use it. If I was just a little more eccentric I would have my medicine cabinet full of vintage medicine bottles, toiletries and perfumes and nothing else.

I had organized this bathroom cabinet shortly after we moved in but it was easy to let it get junked out over time.

Deep down this closet was already pretty organized. Just by going through everything I was able to throw away an entire bag of empty cleaning supplies, old makeup and expired medicine.

One tip is to take everything out of the plastic or cardboard packaging (i.e. toilet paper, cotton balls, makeup sponges, tampons, etc.) and put them in permanent packaging like bowls, clear glass containers, or storage boxes.

I went through all my makeup and tossed anything that has expired (mascara has a shelf life of only 4 months, lipstick up to 4 years, creams should be thrown away after 12 months).
My sister taught me to put all my makeup on a tray – it’s great for seeing everything you have at once – and it’s nice and portable.

I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet but the before/after isn’t quite as impressive.

While I was working on all of this Jeremy was putting together the guest bedroom. More on that tomorrow!


April 25, 2009

I don’t know where I found this photo but I saved it in my “inspiration” folder on my desktop and keep on coming back to it.

The image is strong and the colors are dreamy.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Jeremy and I will be hanging out with friends and family, going to the Norman Music Festival and I’ve got a couple custom wedding invitations to work on. What are your weekend plans?

Keep your eyes peeled for a Simplify Sunday post later tomorrow.

Master Bedroom – Rearranged

April 24, 2009

Jeremy recently confessed to me that when he wakes up in the middle of the night and can see down our striped hallway it creeps him out. In addition to our headboard being backed up to windows made him feel vulnerable. I told him it would scare me too if I wasn’t sandwiched by two men (him and Mr. Scooty Boots aka Jaguar Paw) every night to keep me safe.

For reference, here is what our master bedroom looked like before we rearranged.

And here it is now.
The bed is flip-flopped to mirror the position it used to be in.

The positioning of everything else in the room (as well as styling) is still a work in progress. But this gives you an idea of the current layout.


Since the room has been rearranged I have slept better than I have in weeks. It’s also fun to feel like I’m in a whole new space – like moving but better.

*Sorry if these images are slow-loading. My flickr is acting up today.

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