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20 x 200 – by Lauren DiCioccio

April 23, 2009

20 x 200 is a web site that offers affordable limited edition art. I try and swing by weekly to see what’s new and found these pieces evening.

Vogue JUL07:pg145 (Ripeness is All)
by Lauren DiCioccio

Vanity Fair MAY08:pg269 (and, incredibly, looking not a day older)
by Lauren DiCioccio

About the process:
Fashion magazines are the source materials for my series color codification dot drawings. I make each piece on a sheet of frosted mylar laid over a magazine page. After assigning a color to every letter in the alphabet (numbers are in grayscale, 0=white and 9=black), I apply tiny dots of paint over every character on the page. Each drawing I make has a different color codification, and therefore a different palette. The resulting painting is a legible blur of dots in the form of the article’s layout — like a system of Braille for the color inclined.

I’m obsessed.

Milk Bottles

April 23, 2009

I adore these ceramic milk bottles Liz got us as a wedding gift.


They’re designed with vintage New York themes. I’m pretty sure you can find them on Etsy.

Hand Made Meets Sophisticated

April 23, 2009

What excited me the most about finding yesterday’s feature on Anthropologie is that their design philosophy is so clearly executed in their catalogs, store layout and clothing. The juxtaposition of something sophisticated with something hand made.

This aesthetic is something I’ve been trying to achieve in my own home as well as graphic design at work.

Recently I worked on a project for a cosmetic surgeon. We were a little slow around here so my creative director urged me to not just do more of the same (but better) with my extra time but to do something I haven’t done before.

That’s when I got the xacto knife out.

Inspired by Real Simple, I decided to do a cut paper treatment and have my photographer actually photograph the layout.

The photographs came out like this. Fun sidenote: I raised the cut paper off the background paper with Legos.

I took the images (in Photoshop CS4) and did some magic to create these client brand boards.

Picture 5

Picture 4

Picture 6

Picture 7

So, I could’ve created all of this in Photoshop alone but I’m really proud that there is some real hand-cut elements in there.

I hope that gives you a little sneak peak into what I do and the process I go through.

Are you working on any DIY or hand made projects? Tell me about it!

Work Inspiration – Anthropologie

April 22, 2009

So, if you read this blog you probably know how much it hurts my heart that I don’t work for Anthropologie. And to sink the knife in a little deeper I found this site via Decor8 where they feature Anthropologie as a Adobe Creative Suite case study.

Picture 2
It’s a fun little interactive flash site to explore.

Picture 6
Does this lady look like Wanda from Big Love to anyone else?
Look at how fun their studio is!

Their main design philosophy is bringing a hand crafted element into everything they create. A juxtaposition of the sophisticated with the hand made. Something I’ve been trying to bring into all of my work lately. (More on this later!)

Picture 7
So at my job we’re not cutting out fabric and paper all day – but it’s really not too far off. Also, I know how shoots go for things like this and I know it’s probably all staged. Ha!

Picture 4
I want to stare at floral prints all day!

So I’m seeing all of this and not moments later my boss says we have an extra monitor and offers it to me so I can have a dual monitor set up. And I’m thinking “OMG! Now I can REALLY pretend like I work for Anthropologie!”


Pile some scraps of fabric on my desk and voile! So while it’s in my nature to always want more than I have I feel like I’ve really made the best of being a designer in the middle of Oklahoma City.

Spring has sprung!

April 22, 2009

I woke up this morning to the sun shining and a fresh breeze coming in through the windows – it was enough to put me in a wonderful mood. I think Jeremy was feeling the same way because we both found ourselves wearing rainbows today.

Our plants are thriving. And some are sprouting that I didn’t even know we had!


A slight bummer – when we had a pier installed under our home I think they killed one of our bushes.
Now that everything has turned green it sticks out like a sore, dead thumb. I wanted to put a Forsythia in it’s place but now I think I need something a little fuller. I’m loving the azalias in the area right now but apparently they need a lot of upkeep.

And finally – I’m really looking forward to hanging out on our deck, around the chiminea, this spring.
A wedding present from Jeremy’s uncle.

What are you looking forward to most this Spring?

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