Entries from May 2009

Saturday Morning

May 30, 2009

After a long evening that lasted into the early morning a quiet bowl of cereal and cup of coffee in the nook was very welcomed. Focusing on the details was a nice distraction from the pounding head and swollen eyes.

coffee rings

potted basil – it’s dying now.

mister boot’s pad.

Screen Printing

May 29, 2009

I’m getting more and more inquiries and jobs for custom printed wedding invitations but I don’t have quite the printing solutions I need for these small-scale jobs. Working in the advertising industry I work with an incredible printer (they letterpress CORK for me) but I’m also working with clients with big budgets.

Liz’s First Home!

May 29, 2009


About my busy weekend – Liz just closed on her first home! And it’s just around the corner from us!

And because Jeremy and I are pretty much done with our major home remodeling we’re going to start a new series for Liz.

Liz has been instrumental in bouncing ideas off of for our home remodel and she’s put in quite a bit of sweat equity at our place too. So we will definitely be returning the favor, starting this weekend.

For fun us designers like to photoshop each other’s houses. And here it is:
Before photoshop fun.

Includes darker trim, a red door, flowers, and an actual yard.

Anyways, I’m SO excited for her and can’t wait to see what she does with the place.

Weekend To-Do.

May 29, 2009

It’s going to be a busy* weekend but if there is one thing I get done around the house I want it to be our frame wall in the dining room.


I have about a few more photos (and a million frames) waiting to be hung. I just need to DO IT.

*more on my busy weekend later.


May 28, 2009

It is still May, which means I am still raking in birthday presents from the beginning of the month.

Jeremy’s mom got me a gift card to Pottery Barn where I picked up this glossy red ampersand. I also got a rug (not yet photographed) on super clearance.

Thanks, Jeremy’s mom!

The wine, courtesy of Liz, was enjoyed last night with friends on the back deck. Accompanied by grilled veggie and shrimp fajitas made by Jeremy.

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