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Vitamin Kisses

May 27, 2009

from left to right: b12 complex, multi vitamin, fish oil, fish oil, glucosamine, c, ortho cyclen

In response to yesterday’s post I got a question about what Jeremy and I eat. It was a little random, which I appreciate. Being an oversharer, I was happy to oblige with the details of my ovo-lacto pescatarian diet (that means I eat eggs, dairy and fish).

I appreciated the question because it’s the kind of thing I want to know about people. The details. The little things nobody else sees. It’s also probably why I love reality television and the “they’re just like us!” section of tabloid magazines. I want to know what kind of toilet paper Paris Hilton is using. I care.

Aside from our other blog project, I want to start giving you glimpses into our daily life. The little things.

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I’m starting with the vitamins and pills we take on a daily basis. The information I can tell you about our lives from this photograph, from left to right, is: i once knew a girl whose face became partially paralyzed from a lack of b vitamns and it obviously freaked me out, general health is considered, omega 3 is important (jeremy started taking these a couple years ago, i joined the bandwagon recently) – it’s supposed to do wonders for skin, our joints ache – it started with playing roller derby and now from running – this pill really works but you have to be consistent with it, you can never get enough vitamin c – especially when everyone else around you is sick, and the last one is our goalie – protects us from babies.

Notes of Our Travel

May 26, 2009

In the summer of 1923 Jeremy’s great grandpa, his wife and their three boys took a road trip from Missouri to Florida in a Model T Ford.

Before there was blogging there was scrapbooking. They documented the trip with photos and journal entries. This weekend Jeremy’s grandma shared it with me.
Notes of Our Travel





This is a postcard from 1977 tucked away in the same scrapbook.

*Not noted: Jeremy’s grandma was conceived on this road trip.

Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2009

What a nice long weekend.

Driving home from Mounds, Oklahoma.

Lots of BBQ, family, an arts festival, strawberry beers on the porch, good friends, good conversation, a little bit of sweat and a few mosquito bites.


May 24, 2009

Some celebrities I love include Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. While it should come as a funny guilty-pleasure or indulgence I’ve found that I really do see something in these celebrities. Paris Hilton – I love her unapologetic fame. I love that she is famous for famous sake and

Ready for the weekend.

May 22, 2009

I am so ready for the weekend.

Picture 2
Photo by Halston Bruce

Looking forward to:
• Delicious pizza that may or may not be made by the mafia
• Porch nights with friends, frisbee and wine breaks
• Paseo Arts Festival
• Sleeping in

Do you have any long weekend plans? What’s inspiring you right now?

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