Veggie Gardening

Our potted veggie gardening is doing okay but not great. Nothing has been produced that we can actually eat, yet.

And look at this sad Charlie Brown pepper plant! All the leaves fell off!

Wes Anderson Film Festival

While in Austin, Liz mentioned to me that she had seen some posters for a Wes Anderson Film Festival. I’m all WHAT!? WHEN!? In Austin!? Yes, in Austin, October 2-4th.

As you might know, I’m a big fan. So I got all giggly.



Then it was discovered that it’s all fake. A grad-student project at AAU (put on by one of the speakers we saw at HOW!)

I still want to go to there.

HOW! Design Conference Wrap Up

After what seems like months at summer camp I am finally home from the How Design Conference.


If I had to find an overarching theme in the experience it would be: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU. The conference and speakers reinforced my design philosophies that you should design from a personal and emotional place. The more you experience, the more you have to offer. Document and archive.

Tara, at ThirdDegreeCreative will be doing a few posts about our experience at the HOW Design conference.

Around Austin: S. Congress

A client (and friend) of mine took us out to the South Congress area last night.







The culture down here is familiar enough to feel comfortable – but I’m starting to miss home.