Wes Anderson Film Festival

While in Austin, Liz mentioned to me that she had seen some posters for a Wes Anderson Film Festival. I’m all WHAT!? WHEN!? In Austin!? Yes, in Austin, October 2-4th.

As you might know, I’m a big fan. So I got all giggly.



Then it was discovered that it’s all fake. A grad-student project at AAU (put on by one of the speakers we saw at HOW!)

I still want to go to there.

  1. lovin the posters though.. right?

    p.s liz lemon rocks my world..

  2. Amanda

    I love Wes Anderson, too! What a bummer…but the posters are awesome!

  3. that was so mean! i was about thisclose to booking a hotel.

    and then i scrolled on.

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