French Paper Promo Posters

I scored four French Paper (my favorite!) Promo posters at the HOW! Design Conference this year. I can’t wait to get these framed.





They’ll certainly add bright pops of color around the house.

Which one is your favorite?

  1. I love these! You always find the coolest stuff. I’m loving Factory Green.

  2. Blu Raspberry has to be my favorite. That whale looks so friendly.

    Hooray for French Paper.

  3. Hallie

    Factory green for sure. I am in a tree phase.

  4. shocking pink. love that little flamingo!

  5. Julie

    without a doubt the shocking pink, no wait the purple – ugh

  6. Thao

    I lust after the last two… the whale would be so great in a bathroom!

  7. Lexi

    That whale is so wonderful! Surrounded by his friends in the sea…

  8. Ooh, those are lovely! The blu raspberry is my fave.

  9. kate

    Factory green is my favorite.

    Sidenote: I actually got these from my French Paper rep as well and am also planning to frame them! Alas, I didn’t get the flamingo like you did, you lucky duck. I’m jealous!

    Question: are you going to leave the little strips on the bottom or slice them off so it’s just the print?

  10. Kate: I’m leaving the strips. It’s kind of my favorite part but I have a mad crush on info-graphics right now.

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