HOW! Creative Suitcase

July 1, 2009

I am so crazy busy today but I want to share with you all one of my favorite design studios from Austin.

Creative Suitcase
Liz contemplates the landscaping.
They’re housed in a cute old bungalow house in a residential neighborhood. Liz and I felt right at home. They even had a keg on the porch for us!

The place is run by some super friendly and energetic gals that like to travel.
Their space is branded with a suitcase theme.

Stylish and functional storage.

Conference room.

Suitcase art.

They’ve come up with a really cool idea called Swap Your Shop.
SwapYourShop is an exchange program for creative professionals to temporarily swap lives – home, office space, even your local pub – with one another, across the US or around the world. You’ll both continue to work for your current employers, just in different time zones. It’s like Wife Swap without all the bitchin’.

Thank you to the very cool ladies that opened your studio up to us!

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