MadMen Yourself

AMC’s MadMen is one of my favorite shows. Partially because I, myself, am a feminist in the advertising world and can relate to Joan and Peggy but mostly because the clothes! the sets! the cigarettes! Don Draper!

So when I stumbled upon MadMen Yourself I just had to do it.

Kathleen Shannon is an ambitious, yet stylish, young art director at Sterling Cooper.

Jeremy Shannon is an up-and-coming engineer turned idea man at Sterling Cooper – also married to the very talented Kathleen Shannon. They are often caught making out on the brand new xerographic copier machine.

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  1. Ashley

    I love it!! And that actually vaguely resembles Jeremy. I still need to see season 2.

  2. Mad Men is just the greatest… We’re dying for the new season to start! Love your Mad Men selves. Very chic.

  3. lfab

    Joan is SO checking him out.

    I’m jealous.

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