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Wizard of Oz Baby Shower

July 28, 2009

Right before Jeremy and I headed to Michigan, a friend and co-worker of mine asked if I could design a quick poster for a baby shower she was hosting.

She told me the theme: “Vintage Wizard of Oz” and gave me a color palette to work with.

I immediately thought it would be cute to highlight some vintage Wizard of Oz illustrations but found those hard to come by. So I decided to glean inspiration from the Poppy Field scene.

Here are some shots I gathered for inspiration. Top left for typography, top right for imagery, and the bottom image for general look and feel.

Then I had to figure out a way to tweak everything to fit in with the color scheme provided. My coworker gave me the paint swatches above to work with.

From there I came up with this. I recolored the poppy field photo to match the paint swatches and drew in the castle. I wanted Odelia Rose to look like the vintage movie poster typography – I used a combination of fonts to achieve this look.

I suggested to my coworker that she get a big ornate cream or white frame to frame the poster in to bring out the cream in the color palette.

P.S. Isn’t Odelia Rose the sweetest name ever?

Animal Attitude

July 28, 2009




My friend, Ashley, took these photos at Arbuckle Wilderness. They crack me up – these beasts have some attitude!

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

July 27, 2009

My buddy, Mario, got us chalkboard wine glasses as a wedding gift. They’re great for labelling with your name to avoid wine glass mix-ups.

Of course, we put our own spin on it.

The chalkboard wine glasses totally fit in with the theme of our guestbook wall!

Floating the River

July 27, 2009

This weekend me, Jeremy and a few of our friends floated the Illinois River and camped out.




Our dear friend, Dan, starting a fire with his knife. His enthusiasm was appreciated but we ended up using matches and lighter fluid.

Food always tastes better when you’re dirty, tired and in the middle of nature.

Keeping it Clean

July 24, 2009

I had a friend of mine ask me how Jeremy and I keep our house so tidy. Three letters: OCD. Okay – maybe only a little bit of OCD. My family likes to joke that I’m a total slob but the last time they lived with me I was a teenager! I had more important things to worry about – like growing boobies. As an adult, I take more pride in my space and a clutter-free place truly makes me feel more at peace. However, it doesn’t come naturally for me – and for Jeremy it’s second-nature.

I’m going to break it down room by room and then by what is done Daily, Weekly and Bi-Weekly or Monthly.


Daily – wipe down counters, table and put dishes into dishwasher after eating
Weekly – swiffer the floors
Bi-Weekly or Monthly – Wet mop floors, wipe down cabinets
Yearly – wipe down fridge surfaces (need to do this soon)


Daily: Pick up
Weekly: Sweep floors
Bi-weekly or Monthly: Vacuum corners and rugs, dust, lint roll cat hair off furniture (more often during shedding months)
Yearly: Dust blinds (I probably don’t do this nearly enough)

These places don’t gather much clutter. The big trick here is just to pick up after ourselves. Also, we have a Roomba (robot vacuum) that cleans up cat hair for us daily.


Daily: I think maybe Jeremy rinses out the sink just with water…
Weekly: Wipe down sink and toilet, brush out toilet
Bi-Weekly or Monthly: Mop, wash floor mat, scrub tub and shower walls

Daily: Put away clothes (this is an every-other day thing for me… I’m bad about letting clothes pile up but I’m working on it), make bed
Weekly: Wash sheets, vacuum up dust bunnies
Monthly: Organize jewelry, closet

Jeremy is a SAINT when it comes to doing laundry. He usually does a couple loads a week. He’ll fold my clothes or lay them out flat and from there I just have to put them away or hang them. In fact, I’ll just give Jeremy huge props here for doing SO much around the house all the time.

Catbox: Jeremy cleans out the catbox twice a day every day.
Cat Hair: This IS an issue and I’m still trying to find a solution but the biggest help is Roomba and Lint Rollers.

Jeremy’s #1 tip for keeping things clean (and he is the tidier one of the two of us) is just to do it as you go. It’s sometimes a pain but is worth it in the long run.

My tip for cleaning is to pretend your Jennifer Aniston in Friends With Money while doing chores. I’m only half-way kidding – if I pretend like it’s my job it’s much easier – which is probably why I’m a bigger fan of the weekly deeper cleans rather than the pick-up-as-I-go approach.

I’ve also heard that you should clean as fast as possible. Or even clean in 5 minute spurts – it’s kind of amazing what you can get done in a short amount of time.

Do you have any tips? Is there anything I’m leaving off my list that’s grossing you out right now?

Also, check out Chez Larsson’s tips for cleaning here.

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