Square Foot Gardening

So, we took a stab at container gardening. We spent about $200+ on containers, plants, soil and have produced 2 peppers, 3 baby strawberries and now 2 tomatoes.

Part of me wants to say “these are my babies and they’re worth every penny!”, part of me wants to blame myself for not doing enough research on container gardening, and part of me thinks $200 would get us a lot of produce from the farmers market.

We’re NOT giving up. Not yet.

A few of our friends have been very successful with the Square Foot Gardening method. We can even get started now and prep a garden for fall plants.

In addition to a fruitful veggie garden I would still love to execute a wild flower garden and get a fire pit in our back yard.

Backyard Plans.jpg

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  1. ha, so funny! this made me laugh out loud. you guys are so cute 🙂

  2. Cat

    Congrats on your “garden babies”. I commend you for your positive outlook cause $200 could have brought you a LOT of produce (but there is something that is so nice about knowing you grew it with you own blood/sweat/tears ;))

  3. lfab

    I am ALL about that firepit!

    But where is the hot tub?!

  4. I bet those tomatoes taste a million times better than any store bought ones.

  5. Glad you’re not giving up on gardening. Out of curiosity, what kind of containers did you use? Do the veggies get 6+ hours of sun?

    I actually switched from growing veggies in my yard to growing them in Earthboxes with much better results, for tomatoes anyway. I’m still scared to figure up how much it costs me though. But I think square foot gardening would work well, if you put in good dirt. I think good dirt with compost is key.

    Better luck next year or later in the season!

  6. Min hus – We used large metal bins and we didn’t get container dirt. We decided to do some container gardening on a total whim while at Lowes and didn’t research it at all. They do get 6+ hours but I’m worried maybe the containers get too hot and the drainage isn’t good enough.

    With the help of some green-thumbed friends (Holla Kevin and Ashley!) we’re learning a lot about veggie gardening. We will get the right kind of soil and buy our seeds from local markets instead of the big chains. We also have plans for composting in the mix.

    Thanks for your comment!

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