Square Foot Gardening

July 31, 2009

So, we took a stab at container gardening. We spent about $200+ on containers, plants, soil and have produced 2 peppers, 3 baby strawberries and now 2 tomatoes.

Part of me wants to say “these are my babies and they’re worth every penny!”, part of me wants to blame myself for not doing enough research on container gardening, and part of me thinks $200 would get us a lot of produce from the farmers market.

We’re NOT giving up. Not yet.

A few of our friends have been very successful with the Square Foot Gardening method. We can even get started now and prep a garden for fall plants.

In addition to a fruitful veggie garden I would still love to execute a wild flower garden and get a fire pit in our back yard.

Backyard Plans.jpg

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