Garage Sale Art

August 28, 2009

When I get asked “what would you save in the event of a fire” I always respond that I would save my garage sale art (because kitties and photos are a little obvious).

I found this collage on wood at a garage sale about 7 years ago. It was priced at $50 and I was a broke college student. But it was lust at first sight. I mean, I wanted to make out with it but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to BUY it. For $50. So my sister convinced me to ask the couple selling it (they were moving to Europe, how chic) if they would take $30.

They looked in pain when I asked. I could tell they didn’t want to part with it at all. The husband had created it with his highschool graduating class of 1970. They came back with $35 and I said “sold!”

Since then lust at first sight has transitioned into a deep and solid love.





Everytime I look at it I can find something new. It cost me $35 but now it’s priceless.

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