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The Shelves

August 26, 2009

Yes. Once again. The shelves.

Let me refresh your memory.
A couple of weeks ago I updated about rearranging my shelves and only showed you one set. Well, I FINALLY got the other side to an acceptable (still not perfect) state.

I had to live with it and feel it out for a couple of weeks but now I’m satisfied enough to share with you all.

My favorite vignettes from this batch:
White on white on white – includes cupcake crane toppers, ceramic vintage New York milk bottles (wedding gift from Liz), and an artichoke votive candle holder.

Holga, honeymoon polaroids, toy Datsun 280z’s (from Jeremy when we first started dating – placeholders until I get the real deal), photos of Jeremy’s side of the family including his grandma looking sassy in a bathing suit.

So while the other shelves hold more colorful books and are a little more visually appealing to me, these shelves hold memories – so I can’t help but love them.

Around OKC: Heritage Hills Remodel

August 26, 2009

Remember when I posted about this house being remodeled in a neighboring hood?


It’s done!

I’ve been fantasizing about saving an old, decrepit mansion in this area lately – though I’m sure the reality of it would be exhausting, emotionally and financially.

Around OKC: 23rd and Dewey

August 25, 2009

I’ve been loving this hand-painted, neon primary-colored typography on this building down the street from our house.


IMG_5177C copy

Lately, I’ve been a fan of using a few words to say what you mean kind of approach – this is a perfect example.

P.S. I want a lucky plant.

Bianca + Travis Wedding

August 24, 2009

Earlier this year I designed wedding invitations for the loveliest bride, Bianca.



Well, Bianca just emailed some photos of the wedding and I could not resist sharing these with you guys.




Congrats, Bianca and Travis! I am so honored to have designed the invitations for such a gorgeous wedding.

Photography by Amy Nave. See more here.

1985 Murder Mystery

August 24, 2009

You guys might be familiar with the Murder Mystery party concept. Jeremy hosted one for my birthday in May where we transformed our home into a 1920s speakeasy.

Well, for a mid-year retreat my office decided to have a 1985 Highschool Reunion murder mystery party. (I was 3 in 1985, by-the-way).



I was the punk rocker. Just there to do my job – security for the class president. As part of my costume I even shoved a safety-pin through my nose (I have an old septum piercing that never closed up).

Coworkers, Amanda (reporter) and Jentry (gossip).

Me, Hallie (cheerleader) and Liz (drama queen).

The party was so much fun. Reason #382 why I love my job.

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