This weekend Jeremy and I went indoor rock climbing with our friends Ashley and Colin.
Rocktown has made it’s home in a cluster of old concrete silos located in Downtown OKC.

We went through a quick training course and moved on to the climbing. We started out on a beginner’s course.

Jeremy climbing.
While one person is climbing the other is at the bottom taking up slack in the rope and responsible for taking action if the person climbing falls.

Kathleen climbing

When I made it to the top I felt like such a badass.

Jeremy moved on to a more difficult course.

The harnesses were quite flattering.
We had such a good time! We’ll definitely be going back (like this week).

And the guys working at Rocktown were so nice – making it a lot less intimidating than I had expected.

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  1. Toby & I climb there! Are you going to start going regularly?

  2. Yes! I think we’re going to try and hit it up a few times a month. We’re even looking into getting our own shoes and harness once we figure out how often we’re going to go vs. just renting equipment.

  3. haha, I just looked at the end of your post and saw that you wrote that. 🙂 We have our own shoes and harnesses. It’s definitely worth it (the rental shoes are a little icky). My shoes are Scarpas and I love them. My husband actually does free climbing, too. He’s crazy! Anyway, maybe we’ll see you there sometime.

  4. That’s awesome! I would be terrified to go at it without ropes. I hope to see you around there – definitely say hi!

  5. Jeremy

    I have to admit, I didn’t make it much higher than that on the next to last photo.

  6. Awesome! That’s so cool how they took the grips all the way up the silo. Very neat picture too. 🙂 Makes me want to go climbing again…

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