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I just got this clever screensaver from Veer. It’ll help me stay organized and looking cool at the same time!

(click for bigger image)

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  1. cute! Dont we all need that for our desktops! except my sort out later pile would be way bigger. HAHA.

  2. I can’t lie – I definitely had to clean this up a little (no, a LOT) to take this screen capture.

  3. Gah! The lack of accessible, quality grocery stores in OKC is really frustrating.

  4. I know, I always end up driving to Norman to Dodson’s, Native Roots and Target. Around here, our choice is Wal-mart or incredibly expensive Akin’s. Just terrible. I was so excited yesterday. I saw your twitter feed, and I figured you would want to know. 🙁

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